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Many treatments don't fix the real problem. Bomb Bear's laser therapy is safe and effective, getting to the root of the issue for lasting relief. It's a healthier choice than medication, so you feel better without any side effects.

Fast Pain Relief?

Professional laser that is easy-to-use

How does ™Alpha-BB Help?

By using semiconductor laser + red light to shine on various areas, different healing effects can be achieved.

  • Anti-inflammation and swelling

  • Pain relief

  • Wound healing


Designed by medical experts.

  • Modern technology

  • Drug-free and completely safe

  • Instant and lasting relief

  • Simple to use while you're on the move

  • ISO9001

  • FCC

  • CE

  • ROHS

  • Founded on scientific evidence

    • Technology validated by thousands of scientific studies has led to the creation of unique devices.

    • Demonstrated effectiveness in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, healing tissues, and addressing skin damage, among other benefits.

    • Suitable for professional and personal use.

    • FDA/CE approved for treatment in humans and animals.

  • Advanced & Intense

    • High success rate: Treatment without pain and often immediate relief from pain symptoms.

    • Faster recovery, significantly.

    • Non-invasive and easy for the patient.

    • Safe, comfortable, and effective.

    • Cost-effective by enabling home treatment and reducing healthcare expenses.

  • Natural Healing at Home

    • No drugs or side effects involved

    • Boosts the body's own healing abilities

    • Utilizes specific light energy and laser diodes to revive the body's natural processes

    • Suitable for various health issues

    • Designed for home use, guided by Alpha-BB's treatment methods

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We've received several questions about how alpha-bb helps with body pain. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers below

Let's dive into some Community Q&A about ™Alpha-BB for pain-free life

What is Alpha-BB used for?

Laser pain relief can help with a range of issues like chronic pain, injuries, and musculoskeletal problems. It's effective for back pain, nerve issues, arthritis, and various joint or muscle pains in the body, from neck and shoulders to knees and hips. It's even helpful for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. You can explore others' experiences on our website. And it's not just for people—it's suitable for pets and horses too.

Why do you get better results with Alpha-BB’s laser device?

Our treatment combines red light and laser, a step above typical red light belts. With a better production process, it can light up your waist, neck, and leg joints. Plus, its adjustable straps let you target any specific area you want to treat.

Is the Alpha-BB expensive?

Laser therapists might charge €50 to €75 per session, and several sessions are usually required. This is the same for vets. At BOMB BEAR CO, we recognize that healing rates vary and aim to provide fair-priced laser treatments. This could mean paying entirely for 4 or 5 treatments!

You, your household, or friends can use a handheld device from you instead. By the way, Alpha-BB isn't pricey compared to other laser treatments.

What occurs at the biological and cellular level while undergoing treatment?

The laser head is placed right on the skin. Neither you nor your pet will feel any heat, pain, or discomfort. Cells need enough energy to heal, and they can't do that without sufficient ATP. The laser kickstarts this by revving up the cell's powerhouse, the mitochondria, to make ATP faster.

Mitochondria create cellular energy by using glucose to produce ATP molecules. When the red laser light hits the cell, it turbocharges this process, speeding up the conversion of glucose into ATP. This helps cells replicate quicker.

Once enough ATP is made for cell division, the healing starts. These activated cells team up, fixing the damaged area and healing the condition at a deep, cellular level. Just a few rounds of these gentle laser treatments can really improve the condition.

What causes Alpha-BB to be effective? How does it function? And what results does it bring about?

The laser penetrates tissues, triggering cells to boost lymph flow, ease pain, and kickstart the healing process. This prompts the body to release natural pain-relieving endorphins.

These low-level lasers target pain, stimulating repair in muscles, ligaments, nerves, and more, especially areas strained from repeated use or aging. They prompt damaged cells and tissues to heal and regenerate.

They also soften protective scar tissue that might hinder proper blood flow to the injured area. Excessive scar tissue can block healing, but these lasers improve joint movement, reduce inflammation, and restore injured parts close to their pre-injury state—no need for medication or surgery.

Does this treatment resemble traditional physiotherapy, TENS therapy, or ultrasound?

No, while ultrasound and TENS aim to disrupt pain patterns, their relief doesn't last. Research indicates that low-level lasers are much more effective, up to 90%. Our lasers don't generate heat; they mend the cells transmitting pain signals in your body.

By directing specific light wavelengths onto the receptive cells in your body, the laser prompts these cells to return to a healthier state. This type of laser pain relief treats various conditions like nerve pain, low back pain, and neck and shoulder pain, among others.

Is it possible to combine Alpha-BB laser therapy with other medical treatments?

You're free to combine Alpha-BB laser therapy with any other treatment.

Is it okay for the Alpha-BB device to come into contact with the skin during treatment?

clothing or bandages. For hygiene, keeping about a one-centimeter distance is okay, but light contact with the skin is fine. The Alpha-BB should rest gently on the skin, held perpendicular to the treatment area without pressing down.

Also, you have the option to use the massage head or skip it, whichever you prefer—it's your choice.

I'm experiencing pain in various parts of my body. Can I treat all these areas simultaneously?

Sure! Once you've treated your knee, you can move to the neck and then to your lower back, or any other area you need help with. You can have as many treatments as you need in a day, like spending 15 minutes on one area if it feels good. It's best to focus on one spot before moving to the next, but treating multiple areas together is absolutely okay.

How quickly might I notice the effect, and how frequently can I undergo treatment?

Feeling better might happen between two days and three weeks. It varies a lot, depending on how serious the issues are. Some people feel a change within a few days, but things like inflammation might need more time. Typically, treating an area for 6-8 minutes, twice a day, works well. You can also check our website for specific treatment plans for common problems.

Is there strict quality control for Alpha-BB?

The manufacturer ensures rigorous quality control throughout production, including an extra check on the final product. Every item undergoes a double check before being shipped. We currently hold FDA, CE, CFDA, and PSE certifications for its products and has over 150 patents. We also compile with ISO9001 and ISO 13485 standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

Can low-level lasers help with treating partially torn ligaments?

Alpha-BB aids in healing and cutting down inflammation that triggers pain. These gentle lasers can spark tissue regrowth, heal wounds, and help muscles recover. They reduce inflammation, ease pain, and encourage the growth of fresh blood vessels. Low-level laser therapy is commonly used in injury recovery, especially for joint injuries, because it fights inflammation and alleviates pain.

Can Alpha-BB help with healing extensive and open wounds?

Medical lasers like Alpha-BB, enhance blood flow and metabolism in the treated area, improving circulation to damaged tissues. They also help wounds heal better by making the tissue stronger.

What are the differences between Laser (LLLT) and Red Light?

Laser beams are highly focused and penetrate deeply, reaching 3-5cm. Meanwhile, red light diffuses, reaching up to 1-3cm. Despite their differences, both are valuable in medicine.

Alpha-BB (with semiconductor lasers) produce a more focused, intense beam and used in medical applications, while diode red light LEDs are used for therapeutic purposes

Is Alpha-BB meant for medical professionals to handle?

The LLLT 650nm laser doesn't need medical professionals to operate and is suitable for personal household use.

Are there any reasons why LLLT might not be recommended?

Alpha-BB is a cold laser or low level laser therapy device (LLLT) that's really safe to use and can't be easily overdone. Still, it's important to follow general guidelines and be aware of things you should avoid. Make sure to read the user manual before using Alpha-BB.

The FDA in the USA has given the green light for using low-level laser technology, and there haven't been any known side effects. But, it's crucial to never shine the laser directly into anyone's eyes, including your pets or horses. It's a good idea to use eye protection. This therapy is safe and doesn't involve medication, surgery, or invasive procedures.

Is it okay for the Alpha-BB device to make direct contact with the skin during treatment?

Make sure to treat bare skin, not over clothes or bandages, for cleanliness. Keeping about a centimeter away from the skin is fine for hygiene, but touching lightly won't cause issues. Gently place the Alpha-BB against the skin, keeping it straight and still without pressing down.

You can use the massage head or not—it's up to you.

Is low level laser therapy (LLLT) clinically proven? Does scientific evidence support the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy (LLLT)?

Studies have shown that medical laser therapy (LLLT) can help with pain, muscle and joint issues, swelling, sports injuries, and healing wounds. Over 2,000 publications, including 100 double-blind studies, confirm how well this therapy works.

When is it not recommended to use the Alpha-BB?

DO NOT USE the Alpha-BB if:

  • You are pregnant.
  • Placing it near your heart if you have a pacemaker.
  • There's a high risk of scarring.
  • You have a clotting disorder.
  • You're dealing with malignant skin lesions.
  • Your skin is sunburnt.
  • Over or around lumps, as the laser might stimulate cell growth, potentially making the lump bigger.

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