Nerve pain and radicular sciatica

Nerve pain and radicular sciatica

Nerve pain and radicular sciatica

This condition is more common among middle-aged and older men. Initially, they might experience sporadic pain in their lower limbs. Over time, this pain intensifies and extends from the lower back to the buttocks and sometimes even down to the thighs. The pain shifts from being occasional to continuous.

What leads to nerve pain and radicular sciatica:

Sciatica often arises from problems affecting the local and nearby structures of the sciatic nerve, leading to irritation and damage. This results in pain felt in the buttocks, back of the thigh, outer side of the calf, and foot.

Approaches for treatment:

  • Gentle exercise routines

  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications

  • Hormone therapy

  • Physical therapy using the Alpha-BB laser

"Alpha-BB physical therapy can be used to treat sciatica by regulating the function of the autonomic nerves. It helps ease or remove muscle spasms around the sciatic nerve, enhances blood flow, and reduces inflammatory swelling and congestion effectively."

What is Alpha-BB and what can it help with?

Alpha-BB operates deep within cells to ease pain, reduce inflammation, speed up tissue repair and cell growth, enhance blood vessel activity, and minimize fibrous tissue.

Treatment guide:

Use the device along the nerves around the sciatic area.

Treat each part from the lower back down to the buttocks, back of the thighs, and back of the calves for 6-8 minutes.

We recommend treating twice daily for about 30 minutes each session. A treatment session lasts 5 days, with a 2-day break between sessions. We suggest completing 2 treatment sessions.

The therapy's effectiveness varies from person to person. Consistent use is important for significant pain relief. Treat sensitive or painful points below the waist and hip area for 6-8 minutes, 2-4 times daily. Target the outer side of the calf.

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