Knee pain

Knee pain

Knee pain typically arises from joint damage or osteoarthritis, and less frequently from infections, tumors, or other illnesses. It often results in localized swelling, aching discomfort, fluid buildup in the joint, bone damage, and joint stiffness.

What leads to knee pain?

Knee pain can result from various reasons like poor posture, knee injuries, and even problems with the waist or hip. To address the issue, it's crucial to identify the symptoms and pinpoint the cause.

Symptoms The intensity and area of knee pain differ based on what's causing it. Common causes include localized swelling, space-occupying lesions or bleeding, fractures, stiffness, bent knee posture, and limping.

Prevention and management strategies

  • Medication

  • Physiotherapy

  • Low-level laser therapy using Alpha-BB

"Alpha-BB is a device for home therapy. It offers improved anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, encourages cell renewal, and boosts knee joint function."

What is Alpha-BB and how can it help?

Alpha-BB operates deep within cells to ease pain, reduce inflammation, speed up tissue repair and cell growth, enhance blood vessel activity, and minimize fibrous tissue formation.

Treatment instructions

Apply the device for 8 minutes on the painful knee, then along the left and right sides. Also, treat the connection point between the hip joint and the knee. For injuries, start treatment as soon as possible after the injury.

For chronic pain, gradually increase the dose by 30 seconds each day, starting at 1.5 minutes at each treatment point, until reaching 6 - 8 minutes at each point.

We recommend this treatment twice daily.

Based on experience, pain relief may be noticed within a few days.