Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a frequent issue in orthopedic clinics. Despite its name suggesting it's from playing tennis, it's actually elbow joint pain due to tendon injury. Most patients aren't tennis players, but the name originated from its initial association with tennis. This pain can occur when using tools like a wrench or lifting heavy items with straight arms without using the wrists or moving the elbows.

What causes tennis elbow?

Recent studies show that tennis elbow occurs due to wear, tear, or minor injuries in the tendons linked to the outer part of the upper arm bone, caused by repetitive strain, fatigue, or injury.

Treatment for tennis elbow involves five key approaches:

  1. Using the Alpha-BB device at home
  2. Resting and avoiding strenuous elbow activities
  3. Physiotherapy sessions
  4. Using protective equipment
  5. Surgery (in severe cases)

"The Alpha-BB laser is a helpful solution for tennis elbow. It aids in treating inflammation, lessening pain, and supporting the healing process."

What's Alpha-BB? What can it help with?

Alpha-BB combines specific laser diodes to penetrate deeply into cells, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and enhancing tissue repair. It improves blood flow and reduces the formation of fibrous tissue.

Here's the treatment plan:

Place the device on the outer forearm for 8 minutes without moving.

Then, set it for another 8 minutes on the inner arm.

Repeat this twice a day for about 30 minutes each session.

Each treatment session lasts 7 days, with a 2-day break between sessions.

Three sessions are recommended. Pain relief can be expected within a few days.